Hey directioner's,
 i live and breath one direction. They are my world and i would be lost without them. I was really hurt when i found out how rude some of the so called "directioners" were being rude to Niall. I truthfully think if your being rude to one of the boys you aren't a real directioner. Niall is already really insecure about himself, i mean most people are. But it doesn't help when you have someone pointing out your imperfections. I think Niall is perfect in every way but he doesn't think so. So I was hoping all you directioner's could comment something you love about niall if eyes, lips, smile, etc.. and why or you could write something that you think would put a smile on Niall's face. Please sign your real name because im hoping to give him a book with all the comments and names, or have him see it online <3 
for example: Niall, You had me in love with you when your beautiful blue eyes connected with mine. You make me feel special like i have something no other girl does. Niall your laugh makes me blush whenever i hear it. Your teeth prove to me u actual are human because most then time i think your an angel ♥ Your irish accent sends chills down my spin when i hear it. The way you say Mc Donalds (Mac Donalds) puts a huge smile on my face. Your voice makes me want to melt whenever i hear it. Every day i learn something knew about you and the more i fall deeply in love with you ♥ You truly are one of the five most handsomest guys who have ever walked the earth  ♥ I love you with all my heart and that wont ever change! You deserve the most amazing girl ever and even though i will be quiet jealous of her i will learn to love her, Love Jenelle ♥ 
thanks so much for reading and hopefully commenting to Niall <3 you directioners are amazing!! <3~ Jenelle

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Morgan Knutson
05/15/2012 7:12pm

Dear Niall,
Dont let girls who dont think you're beautiful, or think you shouldnt be in the band bring you down. You are the one out of five of the most beautiful boys I've ever layed eyes on. You can brighten up "true directioners" day. Your laugh, smile, eyes, personality, humor, kindness, generousity, sensitiveness, and beauty makes my day. The girls say crap to you are blind not to see what an amazing boy you are. Its hard for my brain to find words about you because you're to pefect to describe. The first word that comes to mind when I hear your name is "perfect". Nialler you are perfect in every single way... never forget it! I know sometimes it gets tough I can relate to it. I addmire that you are strong through tough times. Please remember that people cry not because they are weak but they have been string for too long. Niall, I love you all of my heart, and it hurt to see you upset.... I want you to be happy, and I dont want you to get hurt from people who are mean and disrespectful to you. What they say is disgusting..... Niall, never forget that you have other millions of Directioners who love you and will suppot you through times like these. I've alreay said it but You're Perfect and dont let anyone tell you less because I dont consider that an opinon I consider it a fact and all the haters will have to deal with it. You're an sensitive boy... and I know some girls may break you heart but I know someday you will find the one who will love you for you and only you. Not for fame, money, looks, but for the amazing, beautiful, and funny guy you are in the inside.Never forget who you are and where you came from Niall. I love that you haven't changed since the X-Factor in 2010. You're still the same guy you were..... and I love that about you. Never forget how much all your friends love you. Dont listen to haters focus on the pocitive Nialler. I love you with all my heart and will never stop loving you. You have thought me so much in the time I've known about you. You will always be in my heart. Niall James Horan, I love you with all my heart <3
-Morgan Knutson

05/18/2012 4:07pm

Dear Niall James Horan,
Don't leave One Direction because without you it's not really One Direction! Plus if you do you'll be letting all your fans down. We really care about you.
From Jodie

05/18/2012 4:16pm

Sweetheart you are irreplaceable.
Your Smile.
Your Laugh..
Your Eyes.
Your Hair.
Your Accent.
Your Personality.
Your Family.
Your Singing.
I love you.
You have probably herd that before but don't forget it.
You are the most incredible person on this wide planet,
Darling,one glance at your picture makes me smile.
You bring life and a different but loving vibe to One Direction.
One Direction without you would be like A rainbow with no rain.
A song with no sound.
A dance with no steps.
A heart with no beat.
My heart wouldn't be the same with out you.
Your the most beautiful boy in the whole world. If anyone says otherwise they are dead wrong and cold hearted.
I do love you and your Hansom Irish self. Don't change for the hate,Change for you.
I love you no matter what.
-Samantha Roedel.<3

05/18/2012 4:21pm

Babe you are my everything.
Don't leave One Direction.
I would never last.
Don't hurt yourself,or the boys.
You would hurt the fans too.
We all care.
Love you

Áróra Lind (Aurora)
05/18/2012 5:37pm

Dear Niall.
You are amazing.
You are my inspiration.
You have amazing voice,
amazing personality,
amazing eyes, amazing smile.
I love everything about you.
When I hear your voice when you are singing,
I start to smile.
I love your laugh, your hair.
You are so beautiful.
You are an inspiration for so many people.
Don't leave One Direction, One Direction is
nothing with out you.
I love you
- Áróra Lind

Courtney Stapleton
05/19/2012 8:28am

Niall, you are literally the most gorgeous angel that has ever walked on this earth <3 you are perfect in EVERY way and don't let anyone tell you otherwise :') your eyes, your hair, your body, your chin, your personality, IT'S ALL PERFECT <3 I just want to give you the biggest hug and stay with you forever but i know I'll never meet you... you deserve the perfect girl and I'll be so happy for you when you find her <3 If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or feel like no one's there for you just know that i will ALWAYS love you <3 If i ever meet you I won't fangirl all over you because I know how much you hate that, I'll just give you the biggest hug and tell you how much you mean to me. I still can't explain how much I love you for just being you!

Courtney Stapleton <3

Sophia Evangeliou
05/19/2012 8:29am

Niall Horan,
You are the sweetest, cutest, most adorable are most lovable person ever. Your laugh your eyes, your smile and everything about you is perfect. I want the biggest Horan hug from you and I want you to sing to me cause you sing like an angel. Words cannot describe how much I love you even though you don't know I exist. From the start you we always the special and favorite one :) You are beautiful when im down I just have to see your face or listen to your laugh and im happy again.
Nialler you are Perfect
-Sophia Evangeliou Horan <3

05/19/2012 8:30am

Niall, you're perfect just the way you are. I'm not a huge fan of 1D, but I know what it's like to feel alone and like no one cares about you. Just hold your head up high and smile because you're perfect, hon<3 You have no reason to be insecure.

jasmine farman
05/19/2012 8:45am

Niall James Horan,
You are perfectly imperfect. i love how you laugh, it makes me laugh. your smile lightens up my day. your eyes are magnificent. your accent is amazing. you are beautiful in every single way possible. your perfect to me and everyone else who believes in you. you deserve to be in one direction as much as the rest of the boys. don't let anyone tell you differently because it's true every word i am saying. you have no reason to be insecure because you look beautiful <3

05/19/2012 8:48am

Niall, I think you're amazing and One Direction wouldn't be the same without you. You're an amazing person, don't ever think differently! <3

05/19/2012 8:53am

Niall, you are perfect! Eveything about you is amazing. You're smile, laugh, gorgeous eyes. Absolutely everything. You have fans that love and adore you. I want you to know that you'll always be perfect to me and you're always going to be my irish boy. You deserve every oppurtunity you get. You deserve to be in the band. You deserve it as much as the other boys. The band wouldn't be One Direction without you. You help complete it. We all know it is hard to stay strong but you have to believe in yourself and believe that there are fans out there who love everything about you. You're special in every way. You're beautiful, amazing, talented and everything in between. I love you Niall, stay strong.

05/19/2012 9:42am

Niall!! You are an amazing singer and I can`t image One Direction with out you. That`d be like Harry with our Ron and Herminone! Don`t let anyone tell you that you don`t belong because you make One Direction what it is! We love you Niall!! Don`t let the haters bring you down!

05/19/2012 9:47am

To Niall,

You're perfect, and you don't see it. I wish you did. I don't under stand how someone can just hate on you. I mean seriously who would hate on NIALL FREAKIN HORAN! You have the most perfect smile, and the cutest accent, a nice fit body;) AND you're Irish( : [So am I, but oh well] ( : you have perfect pale skin, a beautiful voice that could just make you melt, a laugh that could just make your ovaries explode from the cuteness♥ you're so perfect, you just can;t ever explain it( : you're my love, my life.
I will love you forever Niall Horan !♥


Megan Call.

05/19/2012 10:10am

Niall's eyes are beautiful, his smile and he knows how to make Directioners laugh :) If he wasn't apart of One Direction .. it wouldn't be the same cause all 5 of them have ONE DREAM <3

Madelyn Rivera
05/19/2012 10:17am

Don't let people put you down. They are only jealous of all the talent that you have. The people that put you down aren't real directioners or fans for that matter. I love you and so do all the other fans around the world. "If people want to hate you for no reason, let them. Cause obviously they are either insecure, jealous or simply bitch." - Paris Hilton Keep those words in mind okay? The reason they say those awful words is because your different from Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam. To them you are a bad different.....but to me you are a good different. You're Irish, you have blonde hair, you love to eat food, your laugh is the cutest laugh ever, and at times you don't care what people say about you. RISE ABOVE THE HATE. you've gotten so far, don't let them tear you down.

Always remember to Sm:)e,


Dani Hedin
05/19/2012 11:14am

Me and my best friend, Kellan, and are huge fans of One Direction. Kellan is blind and semi-deaf. She can hear your voice but can't hear talking. I have to sign into her palm to tell her who's singing. This is from Kellan:

Niall, even though I can't see you and can't really hear you, you are beautiful in my eyes. You sing like an angel and you shouldn't let anyone get you down. I love you, Niall. Your eyes, as Dani had told me, are as blue as the sky and your hair is the finest she has seen. I am hoping to meet you some day in person, before I move to a new province in September. Love, Kellan McHill.

Kellan killed me with tears when I was typing that. Here's mine.

Niall, you are beautiful in every way. Your eyes, your face, your voice, your smile, your teeth, your hair, your hands, your braces, EVERYTHING. Millions of girls adore you, me included. You are my everything, along with the rest of 1D.

Dani Hedin
05/19/2012 11:18am

I forgot to finish. Just because a couple of girls wanted to hug the others and not you, and two more wanted to exclude you from a photo doesn't mean you're not beautiful. Your name means "perfect". You are perfect. Don't get down because of that. You are beautiful, don't ever think differently. Love, Dani.

05/19/2012 12:19pm

Dear Niall,
Your not perfect. Neither am I. Every flaw you have and that I have we should be proud of! You are really handsome! I love you just as much as the other boys! Maybe even a little more! Remember every flaw shows your different and that is an amazing thing! So don't worry about all those girls who say you don't belong in the band you do! Love you!(:


05/19/2012 12:32pm

Don't listen to anyone besides your heart. You know whats right for you.

05/19/2012 2:10pm

Dear Niall,
I love you so much. I know that it might be crazy to fall in love with someone you don't even know in person but I can honestly say I've fallen head over heels for you. Never listen to the haters, they dont matter at all. To me, you're the definition of perfection. Your gorgeous blue eyes make me melt. Your angelic voice just makes me want to put the song on repeat. Your laugh is one of a kind. I think its absolutely adorable. You have an incredible personality. I hate when people send you hate. You don't deserve it at all. I love how you are always so humble and you never forget the people who contributed to who you are today. Please whenever you are feeling down, please know that millions of girls, including me love you Niall. As much as I hope that I'm your princess, I hope that you find her someday and I hope she knows how special she is to have such an amazing guy like you. ill be in the crowd of your 2013 ny concert. xx
xoxo, Samantha Yom

Susan (Susie)
05/19/2012 3:29pm

Dear Niall,
I think you are one of the most talented people to ever set foot on this planet. When ever I am listening to a song and your voice comes on I stop singing and just listewn because your voice is so beautiful. whenever I see you smile or laugh it makes me happy and I smile. I love your Irish accent makes me blush and I smile when I hear it.
"Your insecure. Don't kbnow what for, your turning heads when you walk through the door." One of my favorite song quotes and I think it applies to you to. Your songs make me feel better about my self. I feel insecure about my self a lot but whenever I hear a one direction song and I hear your voice all my insecurities fly out the door and its me and your voice. Stay beautiful and stay you.
I <3 you Niall!!!

05/19/2012 3:31pm

Dear Niall (My idol, My inspiration, My favorite person, My love, My Niall...)

You are a great person Niall.
Your sweet
Your Nice
Your Loyal
You have beautiful eyes
You Smile was Perfect before your braces
Your nose is so cute i just want to steal it
Your ears are lovely :P
Your lips are perfect especially when their in a smile
Your hair is amazing blonde or brunette
Your shoulders are perfect
Your hands are so perfect i wanna hold them
Your feet are just the right size
Your height is just right.
Your weight is just right

Niall, everything about you is PERFECT.
The way you smile
The way you sing
The way you laugh
They way you Irish step dance
The way you do jumps on the stage

Literally EVERYTHING! Any girl would be lucky to have you. I know I'll end up being her number 1 fan. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy. But when you cry or your upset My Smile disappears and I just want to run to Ireland and hug you. I think One Direction would be nothing without you. You really make One Direction...
One Direction. Don't listen to those haters. Their just Jealous. They want all your fans, they want your perfect voice, they want the love that you have. But they can't get love if they don't give it. Niall Your My Inspiration and I love you. Im not just saying this because Im a fan but I really think your the one person in this world that is closest to perfect :)
I LOVE YOU NIALLER > stay you :) <3

05/19/2012 3:40pm

Niall Horan is Perfect i dont know why people hate on him , without him there would be no one direction he is cute i dont get why people say he's ugly cause he's not and i dont like the fact that people want him out of the band like its say and i know this may not make any sense but whatever i'm just supporting him cause he is perfect and some people must be blinded!

05/19/2012 5:50pm

niall you belong big time.if you weren't in it it wouldn't be one direction or Juan direction

05/19/2012 6:04pm

Niall, you're perfect. You may not see it, but there are millions of girls out there, wanting you to know you're beautiful. I mean, everything about you! You may find things embarrassing, but everyone else find it amazingly adorable. Every time I see that picture on the top left side of the page, I start to cry myself. My friend absolutely adores you! She's constantly telling me to write love stories about you and her. Aside from your inner AND outer beauty, your voice is truly amazing! I hope you see this, and it helps you know you're beautiful.

You're also a role model to people. You stand up to so much hate (as well as the rest of those amazing boys). My little sister, I showed her a video of you and the boys. She said you're so funny and you make her smile.

Us, the fans, we will not stop this, until you realize you're as close as perfect could get <3

Not every boy out there has tons, and I mean tons, of girls telling him that he's beautiful.

sydney bingham
05/19/2012 6:11pm

i dont get why people hate on nial. hes amazing. he is a great singer and he deserves to be in one direction. if he wasnt in one direction it would be horrible. niall is strong and he shouldnt be insecure he is perfect just the way he is. just because hes different doesnt mean you gotta hate. lets stop the hate please i hate seeing him sad

Grace M.
05/19/2012 7:45pm

Its 5 boys, one dream, one direction not 4 boys, 5! The fact people choose to show hate to one of them proves how selfish and shallow people are. They dont know someone yet they choose to hurt someones feelings for seemingly no point at all. Ill say it I love one direction, no not just harry or liam or louis or zayn but ONE DIRECTION they are a band, a package deal either they are equally respected or your not a true fan. Respect Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam AND Zayn or dont call yourself a fan. Say that to anyone who ever calls one of the boys less then the rest.

05/20/2012 2:01pm

You are so absolutely perfect, that no words fit how i would describe you. I adore every single thing about you. You shouldn't let any of those words get to you. Just look at these people who've come together and wrote all these amazing things about you and only you. Niall your smile could just send me to tears. I can't help to burst into laughter whenever you do. Forget braces your teeth are beautiful. Whenever you singPlease listen to me, You have swept millions of girls from all ages and around the world off their feet. Niall, I love you. I know its super crazy to love someone who has no clue who you are, but I really can't help it. I want you to find your princess, someone who sees your beauty. So you're happy with who you are. As much as I wish I am your princess, i know im not. You take a lot of hate, huh? But, still you stay strong

05/20/2012 2:01pm

You are so absolutely perfect, that no words fit how i would describe you. I adore every single thing about you. You shouldn't let any of those words get to you. Just look at these people who've come together and wrote all these amazing things about you and only you. Niall your smile could just send me to tears. I can't help to burst into laughter whenever you do. Forget braces your teeth are beautiful. Whenever you singPlease listen to me, You have swept millions of girls from all ages and around the world off their feet. Niall, I love you. I know its super crazy to love someone who has no clue who you are, but I really can't help it. I want you to find your princess, someone who sees your beauty. So you're happy with who you are. As much as I wish I am your princess, i know im not. You take a lot of hate, huh? But, still you stay strong

05/20/2012 2:05pm

You are so absolutely perfect, that no words fit how i would describe you. I adore every single thing about you. You shouldn't let any of those words get to you. Just look at these people who've come together and wrote all these amazing things about you and only you. Niall your smile could just send me to tears. I can't help to burst into laughter whenever you do. Forget braces your teeth are beautiful. Whenever you sing I put the song on replay just to hear you. Please listen to me, You have swept millions of girls from all ages and around the world off their feet. Niall, I love you. I know its super crazy to love someone who has no clue who you are, but I really can't help it. I want you to find your princess, someone who sees your beauty. So you're happy with who you are. As much as I wish I am your princess, i know im not. You take a lot of hate, huh? But, still you stay strong... thanks for making me laugh, smile, cry, and love. I will always look up to you and love you forever. Someday Niall, you'll find her.

05/20/2012 7:13pm

Dear Niall Horan,
You are amazing. Textbook perfection isn't good, or cool, and it doesn't make you beautiful. What makes you beautiful are the tiny imperfections we all have. Nilled, never, ever think you are unloved. It's not true, and it never will be. We love you. You don't need perfection to be loved. In fact, most insecure girls out there wouldn't like it if you were perfect, because it would make them feel bad. Stay strong, Niall. We love you.

05/20/2012 7:15pm


Olivia Ahle
05/21/2012 10:10am

Niall James Horan!!!! Omg how do i start ? I love you soooo much and without you in One directon it wouldn't be the same. I think you are so cute and have a beautiful smile and some nice eyes <3 That you are irish just make you special !!!! <3 I really hope you are alright and I hope you keep being in One Direction <3 Follow me on twitter ( @Olivia1998 ) and say hey to the rest of the boys from me <3 Love love love <3 :-*

05/21/2012 10:15am

Do not think for one minute that there is anything wrong with you.
You seem like the sweetest guy and any girl would be lucky to have you and any person would be lucky to know you.
You're freaking adorable and your laugh is contagious, even if I've never heard it in real life before.
Don't let the haters get you down - everyone knows they're just jealous.
Much love, xx.

05/21/2012 10:23am


don't even have i clue where to start, he's beautiful in every way! Love his little laugh and how he laughs so much, he's so attractive, so cute! aaahhh, well i just love him ;)

Amanda Boutilier
05/21/2012 10:24am

Niall James Horan , where in the world do i start i love you for who you are from the heart your so awesome i love you to dealth , you know how people say " The band would be perfect will out Niall " well dont believe then . there not true directioners saying your werid and ugly well it looks like there gonna be hated by the whole world. They dont like you for who you are but Ture Directioners love you for who you are ! Like i said i love you and the band would be really different without you , even Harry, Louis, Liam &Zayn would think that ! Remember you are who you are and i love that <3 Love always Amanda <3

05/21/2012 10:24am

I love every single thing about you! You're beautiful and perfect as you are. I love your smile and your beautiful blue eyes. You are freakin' handsome and I love your voice. And you're damn sexy. I love your personality and your love for food. I love your hair, you are so sexy with hats, and your accent is really hot. The girl who gets you is the luckiest girl in the world. I'd do anything to get a hug from you. You are special, and I hope you know that. When people say mean stuff about you, I get really mad and hurt. I don't understand how they manage to not love you. But don't listen to them, don't let them bring you down. Don't listen to the few haters, listen to the millions of girls who love you and melt when they look at you. You stole my heart the minute I saw you, because you're just so adorable. Niall James Horan, you are perfect in every way. I really love you and I honestly think that you are perfect. -Annine

Amanda Boutilier
05/21/2012 10:26am

Dear Niall (My idol, My inspiration, My favorite person, My love, My Niall...)

You are a great person Niall.
Your sweet
Your Nice
Your Loyal
You have beautiful eyes
You Smile was Perfect before your braces
Your nose is so cute i just want to steal it
Your ears are lovely :P
Your lips are perfect especially when their in a smile
Your hair is amazing blonde or brunette
Your shoulders are perfect
Your hands are so perfect i wanna hold them
Your feet are just the right size
Your height is just right.
Your weight is just right

Niall, everything about you is PERFECT.
The way you smile
The way you sing
The way you laugh
They way you Irish step dance
The way you do jumps on the stage

Literally EVERYTHING! Any girl would be lucky to have you. I know I'll end up being her number 1 fan. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy. But when you cry or your upset My Smile disappears and I just want to run to Ireland and hug you. I think One Direction would be nothing without you. You really make One Direction...
One Direction. Don't listen to those haters. Their just Jealous. They want all your fans, they want your perfect voice, they want the love that you have. But they can't get love if they don't give it. Niall Your My Inspiration and I love you. Im not just saying this because Im a fan but I really think your the one person in this world that is closest to perfect :)
I love you Niall
Love always Amanda

05/21/2012 10:39am

I don't know if this is true, but I've heard that some girls met all you boys and gave all the boys a hug, except you. I also see all these people hating on you. Calling you names, saying you're not attractive. I also heard that you think you're the ugliest and the worst in the band; again, I don't know if any of this is true. Regardless, whatever you hear, don't listen to it. You're perfect. Sure, you have your habits, and little annoying things that you do. But just know that you have millions of people who don't care about any of that. We love you just the way you are! This goes for you and all the boys. Y'all are perfect. Maybe it's just the way you're portrayed, or maybe somehow the five most perfect humans on the earth really did get put together in a band. Either way, us Directioners love you guys. For me, you guys have taught me different things individually. Harry taught me that I should do what I want, no matter what other people think. Louis taught me that while it's important to be responsible, I can still have fun and always be a 5 year old at heart. Liam taught me to appreciate EVERYTHING, no matter how small. Zayn taught me to face my fears. And you, Niall Horan, you've taught me that just being myself is enough. And not just because of the lyrics in a song you sang. Because you are just yourself. You are crazy, silly, sometimes very dumb, and really loveable, and everybody loves you for it. And that has given me hope that maybe if I'm myself, people will like me for how I am too. Niall, you're just amazing and you continue to amaze me everyday. One minute you're on the X Factor, the next minute you have a single. Then a whole album. Then a Brit. Then an international tour. And now for the next album, you're writing what, five of the songs? Just keep doing what you love Niall. Niall and all the boys. Thank you for changing my life, for the better. Thank you for being yourselves. Be the band you want to be, and don't ever change. Love you.

Tanveer Sidhu
05/21/2012 1:11pm

Niall you are amazing in everyway possible and you shouldn't let haters bring you down. I've heard that some girls met all you boys and gave all the boys a hug, except you. But don't let that bring you down because those girls were not real directioners. You are a great person Niall. Your so sweet and so nice and loyal. Your smile is so perfect. Your laugh make girls melt and want your even more. Nobody has the right to put in a bad mood or make you cry because you are perfect just the way you and you don't need to change just for anybody else. We love you just the way you are and i hope you know that <33

05/22/2012 6:15pm

You are beautiful. Every last thing about you is beautiful. I know this probably isn't the first time you have heard this, but I just want you to actually believe it. You are an amazing person. You have a beautiful personality, a beautiful laugh, beautiful eyes, a beautiful accent ,a beautiful voice, a beautiful smile (even before the braces it was amazing ), even all your little quirks are beautiful, and my list could go on for days. You are the world to me, and i know other people feel this way too. I know people put you down and make you feel bad, but keep your head up, because for every one person that puts you down, there are 100 people who think you are beautiful and love you. Please never forget how truly amazing you are.
Love, Darian <3

Darian Carberry
05/22/2012 6:17pm

sorry, i forgot my last name. Hahah.

Darian Carberry
05/22/2012 6:16pm

You are beautiful. Every last thing about you is beautiful. I know this probably isn't the first time you have heard this, but I just want you to actually believe it. You are an amazing person. You have a beautiful personality, a beautiful laugh, beautiful eyes, a beautiful accent ,a beautiful voice, a beautiful smile (even before the braces it was amazing ), even all your little quirks are beautiful, and my list could go on for days. You are the world to me, and i know other people feel this way too. I know people put you down and make you feel bad, but keep your head up, because for every one person that puts you down, there are 100 people who think you are beautiful and love you. Please never forget how truly amazing you are.
Love, Darian <3

Estefany Dorado
05/23/2012 4:39am


I'm not really the best at these letter things hehe>.> but I really need to tell you something.Your perfect<3I know you have those people that say your to ugly or bad to be in 1D but there wrong.Your gorgeous and you don't have to change just to be in 1D.If they were really your they would love every single one of you:) There's many many people who think your so so Well I can't find the words because your that amazing:D There's a lot of us that love you and would do anything to meet you.Now don't let the haters bring you down(:There's always going to be somebody that cares about you and one them happens to be me
Love Estefany<3:)

Elizabeth freel
05/23/2012 2:10pm

I love the way he looks so relaxed when he is playing the guitar and is 9 out of 10 times smiling

dear niall

there is just one thing (see what I did there) I want to tell you...
you may hhave your imperfections but everyone does nobody is perfect you may have your flaws but that is what makes us love you even more.when you are singing I just get lost in your voice it is just amaZAYN and your irish accent makes me melt.you are such an insperation not just to me but to millions of girls around the world just ask any true directioner and they will tell you "you are beutiful" you are just the best celebrity I have ever seen.
Only true fans love each and every one of them!

you have taught me so much niall and this ^^^ is from a website caled Quotev.

there are hundreds with this on there profile and I happen to be one of them.

so niall just remember we support you and the rest of the boys 1000%


05/24/2012 8:18am


I know that you get alot of hate, alot of people telling you you're useless, but you shouldn't listen to any of them. They call themselves Directioners, well they sure aren't if they don't like 1D just because of you. They are jerks, and every single one of them must be blind, because you are more beautiful than you would ever imagine.
I could tell you everything I love about you, but it would be easier to tell you everything I don't. Which is nothing. There is nothing that I don't like about you now, and I'm sure I'll never find anything not to like. You are just so perfect, and add something special to 1D.
I hate the haters, so don't you ever listen to them or get lost in what they say, because they are dead wrong. You are absolutely PhenomiNIALL and nobody should ever tell you different. <3

05/24/2012 3:57pm

You are one of the most amazing people ever.You never fail to make me smile or laugh.You light up my day and can always make me happy.Your Beautiful dont listen to anyone that tells you diffrently<3 your absolutely perfect.Dont listen to the haterz all they do is make you famous.You a huge inspireation and without you i wouldnt be trying to write songs.Because of you i never stop reaching for my dreams and hopefully they will come true.Thank you Niall James Horan...for being an insiration...for singing...For being you<3 I would never replace you in 1D and neither would any of us Directioners<3 We love you Niall!!!!<3
Desi Andrade

05/30/2012 12:43pm

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I love you and so does everyone else on this page I wish you could see these comments they are sweet and generous! WE ALL LOVE YOU!

Alyssa Kay
05/31/2012 7:57pm

Niall, you are beautiful in every way <3 You truly light up my world, and bring a smile to my face. I've loved One Direction since I can remember, and you're amazing <3. It wouldn't be the same without you in the band. You make One Direction complete <3

Alyssa :)

Kylie Harrison
06/06/2012 2:01am

Hunny don't listen to them their just jealous that your making your dreams come true and their not.Listen if you weren't good why would you be in the worlds hottest boy band???When you smile I smile,when you laugh I can't help but laugh,your eyes their unique and I love that Niall.Your extremly gorgeous no matter what anyone says and you shouldn't let them get to you!We all love you and if they don't like you and they like the other boys they aren't ture directioners.The true ones love all of you for who you are.
We all love you!! --Kylie Harrison <3

Maya Gonzalez
06/10/2012 10:03am

Niall James Horan, you are the most phenominiall person that ever walked the face of the earth. Niall, its "Everything About You" that makes me want to stay "Up All Night" just to listen to your beautiful voice, and your 1Dful laugh and accent. Never let haters get to you because they are just jealous. And i know you say that perfect is boring, but you are perfect in the most exotic and least boring way ever. I love you and remember, haters are your motivators. I wish that i could just give you a huge Horan Hug and give you this giant speech on how much you're loved, but, i guess the extremely long comment will have to do. On a Facebook survey "for your favorite 1D member" only 5% said Harry and 65% said you, Niall. That just proves how awesome and loved you are. Whoever spreads rumors about you, hates on you,, or is mean to you, is jealous of you. I LOVE YOU NIALLER!!!!!!!!! FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!!!

Becca Boo
06/14/2012 1:34am


I think you are


but most of all you are.... PHENOMINIALL! I am serious - you are the most unique member of One Direction because you are Irish - it is a good thing, because it makes you special.
I have Aspergers, which isn't the most normal thing, but like all of you, its what makes me special. The thing you would most like to change about yourself, is what makes you totally unique and amazing.
Never ever change, Niall James Horan!


06/14/2012 1:42pm

I know everyone have their own opinions and I have mine, but you(Niall) deverses to be in One Direction just as much as the others.

Without you it wouldn't even be One Direction. The guys love you and so do all of YOUR fans. One Direction is not better of without Niall James Horan.
So what if you doesn't have a lot of solos? Maybe the guys are saving your voice for something HUGE.

You're just as important as the others and you don't deserve the hate!

Your laugh is just adorable and sexy
I love you and don't ever change! :)

06/17/2012 12:04am


Niall,You Are Perfect.If You Ever Think That You Are Not Perfect Then You Are Crazy.The Girls Are Just Jealous That They Never Had A Boyfriend As Nice As You,As Caring As You,And A True Gentleman.We Niall Horan Fans Love You.
If You Go On The Site
Then You Search Youself There Will Be Hundredss Of Stories On Their And There Is Groups That Love And Support You.

We Just Want You To Know That We Love You And Support You For WHO YOU ARE Not What Some Reporter Says About You.
You Are Perfect.... :) -Hope Peters

06/17/2012 12:06am

*Or What Girls Say About You

06/19/2012 5:18pm

Dear Niall,

You're literally my inspiration. I really, really love One Direction, but most of all, I love you. Never change, please, because no matter what you think, there are MILLIONS of people in this world who loves you just the way you are. I loved you back in your X-Factor days, and I miss your cute sweaters, haha. No matter what anybody tells you, you're perfectly imperfect, and nothing can change that. Don't listen to the haters, because you're amazing. You're handsome, sweet, kind, you have awesome jumps, and the voice of an angel. Hearing you sing, it makes my day! Before big shows (I'm a singer, too) all I have to do is listen to your solo in "More Than This" and I just can't stop the smile on my face, because you're just flawless. Please, please don't ever change, because so much people love you the way you are. Keep singing, keep laughing, keep eating, keep loving, keep jumping :)

All the love in the Universe, Raine <3

06/20/2012 9:35pm

You Probably Think Im So Crazy Fan Girl Well Im Not. Im Tired Of One Direction And All The Hate On Niall So Here Is What I Have To Say About It.

Niall James Horan,
The Amazingly Perfect Guy In One Direction. Honest To God Niall Is The One Reason I Ever Listened To One Direction And If He Leaves I Wont Listen Again. I Think He Is The Most Perfect Guy I Ever Seen. Im In Love With Him And Its Not Just Like A Little Fan Girl Love I Mean In Love With Him, I See All The Hate And I CRY! I Think Its Stupid And A Waste Of Time. He Is Beautiful And He Is Sweet. If Anything The Band Isnt Good Enough For Niall. Why Would You Push The Guy Away When He Didnt Hurt You. You Hate On An Angel That God Gave To Us For No Reason. God Thought That This World Is Too Much And He Sent Down Niall Saying Im Going To Send Down A Little Light And He Is Going To Shine. No Matter The Haters That Try To Turn Him Off He Shines Brighter Than Any Star. Thank God For That. Niall Changed Me I Actually Feel Beautiful Because Of Him. Sure Im Not Going To Get A Chance With The Worldest Best Guy But I Can Tell You That If I Had The Chance I Would Never Let Him Feel UN-Special. HEY! Im Not Even Dating Him But I Still Dont Want Him To Be Hurt. Words That Come To Mind When I Think About Niall Is Beautiful, Amazing, Handsome, Perfect, GOD GIVEN MIRACLE! I Have So Many For This Site. His Heart Is A Big Reason Why I Love Him. His Heart Is So Big And Joyful That I Think How On EARTH Can He Get Hate. He Blows Me Away With Every Word And Every Picture. He Is Wearing A Smile Even When He Is Broken Which I Think Is Amazing By The Way. You Just Keep Smiling Niall. You Make The Haters Hurt. You Show Them That They Have Nothing Against You. They Probably Have More Against Harry But Why Are They Hating On You. I Mean They Shouldnt Hate On Harry But Come On Why Niall Cause There Is Nothing Wrong With Him.

I Love Niall More Than Anything Because He Proves That With The Haters Hating, You Can Be Happy. He Shows Me That The Real Beauty Is On The Inside, With Every Moment He Says Something From His Pretty Little Mind. Honest To God Niall Is The Only Reason Im Think Im Beautiful At The Times I Think Im Beautiful. When People Call Him Ugly Makes Me Feel Like Im Ugly. I Know Im Not Because Everyone Says But Its Like The Only Person I Can Believe That From Is The One Being Called Ugly. I Know The Haters KNOW Yea They Know That Niall Isnt Ugly But They Are Saying It Anyway Which Is Stupid. If Anything Niall Is The Only One I Would Hug To Show The Other That It Hurts. He Is The Only One I Would Take A Picture With To Show The Others That Its Not Fun To Be Left Out. I Want To See Them Just So I Could Tell Niall How Perfect He Is In Person And I Would Tell The Other So Stand Up For Their Fellow Band Member So What He Is Irish, Honest To God That Is The Only Reason I Listened To One Direction. I've Been Obsessed With Ireland For Years Now & Now I Heard An Irish Boy Is In A Band I Checked Them Up First Thing. He Is The Innocent One Of The Band And He Does Some Dumb Shit To So Start Treating Him Equally To The Rest. Niall, Your The Best Thing I Have Ever Laid My Eyes On. You Are The Best Guy In The Band. I Wish The Best For You In These Coming Years And I Hope You Feel Better And That The Hate Stops Or At Least Dies Down Because You Cant Really Stop The Haters But You Can Try. I Love Your Smile, Laugh, Face, Eyes, Teeth They Might Be Perfect But Who Cares Your Perfect, I Love Your Hair And Voice, The Clothes You Wear, I Bet Everything About You Is Just As Sexy As You. You Know In Your Heart That Things Get Tough But You Are Still Niall And That Wont Change Unless You Let The Hate Get To You. I Had A Beautiful Friend Help Me Out Of Letting The Hate On Me And Honestly Im Not Beautiful But I Wont Let You Go Through This Alone. You Got Us All Niall So Dont You Worry Your Pretty LIttle Mind People Throw Rocks At Things That Shine. Your Shining And They Want You To Stop But Dont You Stop. You Make Sure That Everyone Goes Crazy With Your Perfection. You Take My Breathe Away Whenever I See You I Smile And I Know That I Will Never Be Scared To Say I Love You And That I Will Never Stop. Im Not Obsessed Fuck I Dont Even Know Your Birthday But I Know If You Need Someone Im Here. I Dont Care What It Is, I Will Always Be There For You. You Deserve Better Than Getting Hurt All The Times.

Mo Torres
06/23/2012 7:04am

Niall, i love you, you're my favorite member of one direction. I recently found a like for one direction and you just stood out to me. You are an amazing singer, i love your voice. Plus, i've always had a thing for Irish guys

Emily King
06/24/2012 8:59am

to The Amazing Niall Horan,
dont let what anyone says let you down.you are amazing no matter what anyone thinks. i love everything about you such as....
your hair
your smile
your laugh
your singing voice(its amazing)
the way you eat alot of food
and im just gonna stop there because if i wrote everything, the list would go on forever and ever. and i dont think you want to read this letter that long.dont forget that you are amazin!

scratch that, you are phenomaNIALL
love from,
youre biggest fan in the world.....emily king

Bailey Thetford
06/26/2012 9:54am

Dear Niall,

I am a directioner. I support all of you the same way. But your my favorite :). And as I sit here and wonder "who would say these things?" I relized, people that want to be you! No one actually wants to hurt you they just want to become you and make Niall feel small. You've gotten this far all on your own! So you can keep going. Now Im not going threw all that sappy stuff because Niall I think you can handle this yourself :). A talented, hot, caring, intellagent, cute, stylish, and everything else great boy! Someone like ypu deserves better so never listen to the's stupid people because your perfect the way yu are and I would love to meet you someday :). I hope you listen to this wole website because it's so great and it's all about how great you are!!! NEVER GIVE UP AND LNS!

p.s I love your laugh it's so cute :D

Love, Bailey

06/27/2012 12:29am

Remember nobody is perfect but you are pretty damn close I love your teeth mine are crooked too I love the way your hair is any girl will be lucky to have you just because bitches wanna make you feel you dont belong or that your good enough should be hugged by a rope around their anorexic necks and this is from a nonviolent person
lol (lots of love ) Kortney Faith Vincent <3

Katie archer
06/27/2012 8:26am


your perfect the way you are don't listen to anyone who tells you different, don't change for anyone stay the same beautiful perfect Irish person you are and just remember that true directioners love you !! and so do the rest of 1D

06/27/2012 11:07pm

Dear Niall,
You're special. You're a one of kind you can't find anywhere else, even if you tried, you couldn't find another blue-eyed, Irish boy, who is in the band called 'One Direction', named Niall James Horan anywhere else. You're special, and beautiful just the way you are, no matter what anyone says or does, because you will always be Niall Horan to me, and all the 'Niallers' out there.

You mean something to someone out there, and no one should ever put you down, because, crooked teeth? Really? I think you have the best smile, and I envy it. Irish? I'm half-Irish and my grandmother was completly Irish and she died of Lukiemia, that's an insult to me, especially since she adopted my mother and with out here, I wouldn't be here. And I happen to adore accents, especially Irish ones. And anyone who says you eat to much is seriously going to get a talk from me, personally on how food is the most best meal on this planet because it's food, and food is AWESOME.

You're Beautful No Matter What.

Angel Bahmer.

Adrianna Brooks
07/01/2012 12:54pm

I love everything about you. You shouldn't change a thing. You're smart, funny, caring, kind, care-free, sensible at sometimes, you make me laugh when you laugh, cry when you cry. No-one should be giving you hate, they're just jealous of you. You the most beautiful person in the world. Even though the X-Factor people tried to put you on a diet, it would not work, because you are NOT fat, you are PERFECT. Never let anyone say different. You have lots of fans, you just haven't met them just yet. I love you.

Adrianna Brooks

07/04/2012 9:52am

Dearest Niall Horan,

If you ever get the chance to read this, I want you to know that you have changed my life completely. I love you and I want you to know that you are insanely beautiful in every way possible. All those girls who call themselves 'Directioners' and hate on you don't deserve to be apart of this wonderful fandom. I once tried to find a flaw on you, but it's impossible. They say no one's perfect, but you are! I love your crooked teeth, your pale skin, your insanely beautiful blue eyes, just everything about you! You've made me feel beautiful more than once, and that's an amazing thing.


Sami M. Smith

Rebekah Olt
07/10/2012 11:53pm

Nialler, hun, you are one of the strongest guys I have ever known. The people who bully you sure as hell wouldn't say that stuff to your face. If you plop an emotionally unbalanced, insecure person infront of a computer god knows what would happen! They would either be nice and caring like your REAL Directioners or they will become these nasty Directionators and just put you down nonstop, when they are the ones that are insecure about themselves. I have been bullied pretty much ever since I probably could talk...by people I don't know, people at school, sometimes my friends, and by my FAMILY...yes my family. But I know I am stronger than them and I am a better person than them so I just brush it off my shoulders. Now you my dear, they are just jealous of your fame, fortune, and your talent! You are quite the package :) They just want to be in your shoes and have what you have. Now to tell you what I find perfect about you and what I love about you :) Xx

Your teeth(before and during braces) :D
Your laugh c:
Your hair
The way you run your fingers through your hair (;
Your clothes
Your Voice!! <3 :)
The way you are around children (':
Your appetite
Your body
Your bromances with the boys
Your sensitive heart :)
Your personality
Your sense of humour
Your face
Your beautiful, perfect, ocean like, deep blue eyes!
How you treat your TRUE fans
When you call someone a Cunt jokingly
Your dance moves (;
Your Accent :)
When your Irish accent comes out when you sing <3
Your jokes
Your tweets
The way you talk when your drunk :P
I just am in love with EVERYTHING about you!! xx :)
But yea don't let anything that the haters say to you get to you, you know you are better than them. Stay strong babe! You, Hazza, Liam, Lou, and Zayn...you guys saved my life. Literally, I was battling with depression and was sick and tired of everything. You guys make me feel beautiful. And I hope that some day I can make every single one of you feel beautiful. I just want to thank you! You showed me how to be strong, and all Directioners are trying our best to make you feel beautiful and strong! We just want you to accept yourself cause we love you guys sooo much! It kills us to see you and the boys feel hurt with all this hate. Just promise me...no, not just me but everyone on this Earth and other planets that you guys will accept yourselves and continue living life care free! Cause you only get one life and in my eyes, you have a pretty damn awesome life! :) I hope that all these comments show that you, Niall, and anyone who reads them show you a better look on life. There will be that one shining moment that will make the rest of your life worth while living it through :) I LOVE ALL WHO HAVE READ THIS THANK YOU, AND GOOD NIGHT! I LOVE YOU BABES XX :)

With all the love in the world,

Rebekah Olt xx :)

P.S. I'm always open to talk! It you want to I will leave you with my...

Tumblr: http://mrs-sty-pay-hor-lip-lik-son.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoupBrah

Julia carla valdez
07/11/2012 8:47pm

Nialler you are the most sweetest kindest guy in the whole entire world that a girl could have as a boyfriend even as a friend. I wish I could be one of your friends to show you how much I care about you even though I havent met you. A boy like can make so many people happy and well you even though you dont know it. Your smile is and was beautiful even before you got braces really. And most importantly you shouldnt listen to any of those damn unimportant girls who make you feel so much more insecure. Babe and you should trust me im just like you but Ion the otherhand do listen when my friends tell me im worth so much more than I think. You should really start paying more attention to the songs you sing babe really. You are perfect in everyway. Theres is millions of girls out there who love you so very much and im glad to be able to say im one of those millions of girls. Trust Ni you do not need every girl who loves Zayn Harry Liam Louis to love you because you are your own unique being. Another thing if you dont like being a leprachaun I think its kinda cute. And just to amuse im way shorter than you im 4 feet 10 inches so I guess im the leprechaun hahaha. I LOVE YOU NIALLER!!!! Oh and I love your eyes theyre soo blue and mesmerizing I just wish I could get lost in them. Well on second thought I LOVE EVERYTHING about you. So please baby dont anyone let depress you are to good for that. And well if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to ill always be there if you want to talk here are some places you can reach me.

Emails: juliavaldez15@gmail.com
Twitter: im @julialuvs1Dboys

So feel free to reach me if you need someone when youre feeling down. LOVE YOU NI SERIOUSLY BYE!!!!

07/11/2012 9:31pm

Dear Nialler,
What do I love about you. Where do I start? There are so many things about you that are absolutly amazing! When I first found out about your band, you immediatly became my favorite. You stood out from the rest, not just because of your hair style, but because of your unique personality.
It's hard to find guys these days who will accept others despite their imperfecions. Most guys will be perverts or they will turn you down because of your looks, while you don't care. You will be nice to anyone, not because they are pretty, but because you are sweet.
Many girls go crazy over you, and the girls who don't are the ones you're to good for. You might have you're imperfections, but everybody does. You're beautiful inside and out, and the millions of true Directioners see that and admire you for that.
The people who hate on you don't deserve the proud title of a Directioner. If they don't love you like me and my Directioner sisters, then they are crazy.
Another thing I love about you is your accent. I FREAKING LOVE YOUR ACCENT!!! It's so adorable and sexy at the same time!

Anyways, I love you Nialler and I will always love you. NIALLER FOREVER! :D

Elke Anderson
07/13/2012 3:50pm

Dear Nialler,
You are beautiful inside and out, and anyone who tells you different is out of their mind. You are my role model, I also have low self esteem, but you are an inspiration to me. You don't let the haters get to you. Which is exactly what I needed to learn, and you taught me exactly that. When I first heard of One Direction, I was instantly drawn to you because of your sweet and loving personality. I love absolutely everything about you. I love your laugh, It makes me smile. Your smile is beautiful (with or without braces) and you have the voice of an angel. Don't let anyone tell you that your singing brings the band down, because they clearly don't know anything. I think your voice is one of the most angelic ones I have ever heard. Please don't change a thing about you. Those people who say things about you aren't true Directioners, they are just people who are mean and jealous.

Elke Anderson

07/14/2012 9:49am

I don't understand why you're so insecure. But let me tell you something. You are beautiful. Not just on the outside but on the inside. You're smart. You're funny. You're genereous. You're sensitive. You feel Niall. You keep a smile on everyone's face. Everyone loves you. Don't let anyone tell you different. I saw that girl on twitter that you replied 'Thank you!!' too. I know when you first saw it must've hurt. I know because it hurt me. The way she talked you like you were nothing. It upset me very much. I love you so much Niall and I don't want to see you hurt. If I ever met you and the boys, I would defintly want a Horan Hug first. I love you so much. Please believe me. Nobody in this fandom wants to see you hurt. WE love you Niall. The people that call themselves 'Directioners' and then hate on you, have no idea and are blind if they can't see how amazing you are. WE, the true Directioners' love you and will always stand beside you. Forever and ever. We love you babe! xoxo
-Sidney Rios @niallinspired on twitter

Odette Brielle
07/14/2012 10:51pm

Dear Niall,

You are beautiful. You are one of a kind. You are worth every complement and praise you're given. All those girls or guys who think otherwise are just jealous of you. You're funny, sweet, and perfect for who you are. Nothing will ever change that. It hurts me to see someone as amazing as you be shot down because you're 'not enough' you can't get further from the truth!! All the boys in One Direction are amazing, but the strength you have even after all the hate you recive is one of the many things that has helped so many girls with their own insecurities.

Please don't change. True Directioners love you just as much as all the other boys. There are no favorites, there is just love. One Direction wouldn't be the same without the blonde, irish, amazing singer that is called Niall Horan. We love you Niall.
Odette Brielle <3

07/23/2012 4:38pm

Niall we all love you to death. You are beautifull no matter what anyone says. You are my inspiration to be great, and to achieve great things! I love you!! <3

07/28/2012 7:18pm

Niall, you are pure flawlessness. I love you. Your braces, your hair, your accent, your tongue, your dance moves, and your singing voice. Don't let anyone tell you different. c:

07/29/2012 5:40pm

dear nialler,
you are the most beautifulest person i ever seen.
i love everything about you, your hair, braces, voice and dance movesand accent. dont let people bring you down. i love you very much.
love emily

08/02/2012 10:38pm

Dear Niall,
You are beautiful inside and out, and anyone who says different is out of their mind! I have always felt insecure and struggled with low self esteem. You are an inspriration to me beacause you ignore the hate as best as you can, and you have helped me stand up to the haters. I want to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. I love you so much Nialler, and you mean the world to me. I don't know where I would be without you.
Now, what do I love about Niall James Horan? Where to start? I love...
Your smile
Your hair
Your teeth (with and without braces!!)
Your singing voice
Your appetite
Your amazing eyes
Your dance moves
Your clothes
Your body
The way you treat your fans
I could go on forever!! Niall, you are perfect and when you come across the girl of your dreams, she will be the luckiest girl in the world.
If you left one direction I would cry myself to sleep every night, along with millions of other girls (and maybe boys?)
When you sing, I cry. When you laugh, my heart flutters. When you smile, I smile too.
Please ignore the hate, for me and all of your fans that love you!! You are perfect, don't change a thing about you. I love you more than anyone in the world. You are my life, my world, and without you I would never smile.
When you feel like the hate is just to much, remember all of your fans that will always have your back.
Niall James Horan, my beautiful Irish angel, you are perfect and dont forget that.
All my love,
Molly M. <333

Vera Atkinson
08/06/2012 11:07pm

What I love about Niall?
Well, everything.
From his dyed blonde hair to his Supras. From his love for food to his love for Justin Bieber. From his contagious laugh to his adorable and to-die-for Irish accent. From his crooked tooth smile to his smile with braces. From his angelic voice to his freakishly high jumps and Shakira dance moves. Yeah, I saw those. All the way down to his heart. The way that he loves with his heart, not his eyes. Everything<3

Felicity Hope
08/06/2012 11:49pm

Niall, Everything about you is perfect. You make me feel so much better about my self. When you say LI look with my heart, not my eyes," Makes me feel like that I will find my true love one day. I get picked on a lot by people by being called a goat (My teeth are very crooked) a fattie, an ugly slut, so many things I wuldnt imagine people calling me. But when I se your flawless face and here you say together, it makes me want to cry to see that maybe someday I will find my prince charming who will support me. I am very insecure, but you shouldn't be. You arfe much more than perfect. I love you with all of myheart and please don't let people put you down and know you are not the only one going through this
Felicity Hope Martin

Shelby Lee Stevenson
08/07/2012 12:49pm

Dear Niall,
You are perfect I swear. You are angel (if that makes sense). I love how you always want to meet the fans and talk with us. You really try your hardest to. Your eyes are (this will sound cliche, so watch out) are like there own kind of blue. Your smile was beautiful and still is. Your hair is gorgeous, the way the brown looks under the blonde makes it look incredible. No matter what happens, One Direction will always be "The Boys on the Stairs" to me. I will continue to re-watch the video diaries for as long as I can. The day when you guys announce there will be no more "One Direction", because we all know that day will come, every directioner will be upset, very upset. BUT The point is we will never forget you and the rest of the boys.

~Shelby Stevenson

08/07/2012 2:55pm

Niall James Horan ♥,
Don't you know What Makes You Beautiful? Why you have that One Thing? Why it's Gotta Be You? Why I Wish you didn't get hate? Why it's Everything About You? Why we would stay Up All Night waiting on a twitcam? Why you Stole My Heart? Why you've never made the Same Mistakes? Why I can't love you More Than This, because that's an impossible amount of love? Why I would ask you to Tell Me a Lie? Why I tell all the guys that I'm already Taken by you, even though you don't know it? And why if you were in trouble millions of girls would run around singing Save You Tonight? Do you know why I Want to meet you more than anything? Do you know why millions of girls that love you Stand Up to the ones that hate on you? Why I get laughed at 'cause sometimes a girl just has to have her One Direction Moments? Do you know? Do you?

You're beautiful. Even if you don't know it. You have millions of fans tweeting to you,and chasing you around everyday.
I Love You. Sure, I don't really "know" you...but boy, I wish I did. You sing like an angel. Your accent? It's sexy. Drop dead. Just like you. Your beautiful, on the inside and out. And if people can't recognize it, then it's their loss. Honestly. I don't know what I would do if I didn't know what Niall Horan's laugh sounded like. It is one of the truly most gorgeous things I have ever heard.

I would through the desert, I would walk down the aisle, I would swim all the oceans, just to meet you Niall...whatever it takes is fine.♥
Babe, just keep feeling proud of who you are. There is no reason why you shouldn't. If you can't see that your beautiful, then there are millions of us here to help you out. People are going to hate. It's just how it is...but your strong Nialler, you'll push through it... and you'll have all your fans and you band mates there to back you up. Don't forget that. Now go eat some Nando's and hopefully, I'll get to meet you one day... I love you, your truly an inspiration, keep up the great work, that beautiful laugh, and your perfect personality ♥

- Jade, xxxxxx ♥

08/08/2012 6:38pm



chrystal wray
08/15/2012 8:02am

dear niall,
without you onew direction is nothing we all will die if you ever leave just because people hate you because who you are doesnt mean you should change. who ever says mean things to you are directionaters. dont change if you do we will still love you but it just wouldnt be normal. you are perfect the way you are.


09/01/2012 12:35am

Dear Niall,

People say you're ugly,right Love? Well,you're not. But,just but,imagine if you were. Alright,you're ugly,yet you're still in the best boy band ever. But does it matter if anyone's ugly? It's what's on the inside,how we act,how we treat people. You are beautiful in my eyes. Everything you do,is beautiful. Your accent's adorabubble,your so cute,and your personality......*sighs* I just wish more people knew. But does it matter what they think? We all have our opinions,but they still shouldn't say it out loud. Just know that people do love you,people do think you're beautiful. I don't care that I get teased cause I like you. Cause I'm allowed to. I'm allowed to like whomever I wish to. And Love,you're one of them. If you still don't believe us,this is something I wrote for you. It can be based towards either you,Love,or your many fans. Well,here it is:

I am the guy who will persist in his path
I am the guy who will make you laugh
I am the guy who strives to be open
I am the guy who's been heart broken
I am the guy who's been on his own
I am the guy who's felt alone
I am the guy who holds your hand
I am the guy who will stand up and be a man
I am the guy who tries to make things better
I am the guy who's the whitest-Irish ever (yeah...couldn't think of anything)
I am the guy who's lost more than he's won
I am the guy who turned,but never spun
I am the guy you couldn't see
I am that guy,and that guy's me

Niall,Love,I hope you one day read this,and realise just how special you are,and just how loved you are. Sincerely Love,


09/05/2012 3:10pm

Niall, you are an amazing person. Don't you EVER start to believe you arn't good enough. You are my inspiration and have helped me even tho I haven't met you. Haters are just jealous of you. So keep your head up and think of all the positives <3

09/20/2012 8:08am

I can't describe how PERFECT , Niall is because he's too perfect. He's my #1 Inspiration,If I had to pick a favorite out of One Direction,it would have to be him, but I don't like picking favorites. <3 I could write lots more about Niall. c:

09/27/2012 10:48am

Dear Niall,

Where should i start? I know your PERFECT! You are the reason why One Direction is complete. There arnt any words that could describe how amazing and perfect you are. Screw all the people that hate you and say rude things about you but there are more poeple who love you and the haters they are just jelly. I have always supported you and i always will. Your an amazing singer and wonderful at playing the guitar. If you even thought about leaving One Direction i would go mad and i bet the boys would too! Truth be known i listen for you singing when i listen to One Direction's music and it makes me smile. Your cute Irish accent makes me giggle. And your known love for Nandos makes me break out laughing why idk??? I might just have gone crazy when i heard that you would probaly stop singing i did and still am doing everything in my power not to let that happen. Trust me on this part we all love you and...If i saw you i might squeeze you to death. I LOVE YOU! <3

10/15/2012 5:31pm

Dear Niall,

Hi. If you can't read this, your fine. At least someone will know that I'm one of those people who truly care about you. Niall, don't listen to all those hates. There just jealous that they can't be as scary as a baby penguin. :) But seriously, I can tell, even if I haven't met you, that your crazy talented with the guitar and your voice, that and your handsome. I don't get why people say beautiful. :P Wait, scratch that, you and the boys are waaayy past handsome. Think about it like this when you get hate: Haters gonna hate, and potatoes gonna potate.
Love ya, Niall! Hope you have less hate and more love! :D

Carla Sanchez
10/25/2012 7:11pm

Hi! Niall, I truly care about you and don't listen to all the hate. It only matters what YOU think so don't think negative, think positive. There just jealous of you because you were able to get in a band a be famous and live your dream. But, even though I haven't met you and I doubt I'll ever will, I can just tell from your singing that you really love it and that you are are VERY talented,and that it's a little bit better, scratch that a lot better then the other boys.You ARE very handsome and no one can tell you diffirently. I think you are the strongest person EVER, since you keep on going in the band even after all the lies that you've been getting.Keep on going strong. Well this are some things that I think REAL directioners like about you:
-Your wonderful and beautiful blue eyes.
-Your brown/blond hair.
-Your voice.
-Your personality.
-Your ADORABLE Irish accent.
-How you try to meet all of your fans and talk to them.
-You are PERFECT because of your IMPERFECTIONS.

And a LOT more. I hope you got that and that this makes you feel better, and that you get less hate.
I love you Niall, and keep this in mind LOVE is STRONGER then hate so ALL the LOVE you get is way better than all the hate you have gotten. There are a lot of fans that don't want you to leave the band at all and don't want you to be thinking that because they love you and that they will be crushed if you do leave. I do hope you realize you ARE loved and like I said that is way stronger then hate.

The Directioner, Carla :)

10/27/2012 11:11pm

Dear Niall,
I have a lot of things to say. Where should I start. Oh Niall you are absolutely beautiful. I love your flaws, because it makes you cute, who like perfection. Perfection is stupid. Your crooked teeth were just the cutest thing. You were cute with them, and you still are cute, no adorable, no beautiful. I love you, for your personality, eyes, those blue eyes. The way you eat, is amazing. Your irishness is just beyond explainable. Don't listen to the haters. My mom always said to me, haters make ya famous. Niall look at you, your at the top. The haters are just jealous. They want you to feel bad. You shouldn't let it. Your tears are not worth that. Your accent is to die for. Us directioners the real ones care for you, we want you to be happy. Listen to us when we say that your are beautiful, skinny as ever, your teeth are perfect. You are very talented. Everytime I hear your voice it gives me goosebumps. I want you to know you are loved by many. All the fan fics about you, the videos about you. You don't even know. Take time to look up the stuff. You will see how loved you are. We love you all of us. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I hope you see this and see how much we love you Niall James Horan. I love you Niall. You are so strong, keep at it, don't let them get to you.

-Victoria <3


I know what it's like being bullied, maybe not on twitter or like that, it makes me feel left out, lonely and worthless, luckily I had my very best friends to help me sort it out, it worked, mostly, I still get called horrible things but I don't take it, I give it right back, they don't see me fight back but when I do, they are shocked that me, being an easy target fought back, you've heard this right: sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, it's wrong, very wrong it hurts so much that they don't see it hurting you and they continue hurting you, your strong, stronger than you think. You will never think that but you are. Your voice is like angels, and I absolutely adore your accent, it makes you, you. You may not know it but you are loved, tell you something, I am one of the ones who do. Me I think you're utterly Gorgeous! Your teeth make you more adorable. Another thing I love how you play guitar, i'm learning but I will never be as good as you, I know that for sure, so remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, we love you, I love you and most important you must learn to love yourself too. Your waiting for your princess, so you must keep your crown from falling, keep you head held high and don't take it. Remember WE love YOU, I love You and LEARN to LOVE YOURSELF, it takes a lot but it's worth it

-Alycia XOXO ♥

10/30/2012 9:59am


You are the most amazing soul to ever live. No matter what people say about you, you always bounce back up. You're super cute, super funny, and I know in my heart that God created you perfect. Girls don't have to hug you at signings to know that they love you. But, guess what? When I go to your sigining, I am going to give you a big fat bear hug. Just so you can smile. So, when you read this, just remember that you always shine bright like a diamond. Because everybody does. I love you. I love you and you are my idol♥

~Love, Brooklyn Styles♥

Izzabelle Murillo
11/05/2012 2:53pm

Dear Fellow left handed friend (Niall Horan)
I just wanted to thank you for brightening my day when I feel sad. For calming me down when haters get me mad. For being left handed and your amazing smile, any one that's met you knows your worth while. I used to be really insecure and I used to hate myself to where I'd make myself cry, but ever since I liked one direction and saw your picture and realized that you too are insecure...it made me stronger. in hope that one day when I meet you, I give you the biggest hug ever and thank you for forever changing my life. See, if you give up then I give up too. I love you so much Niall, and if you ever read this...just know that there is someone almost completely like you that's suffering too. <3
Forever and ever your loyal fan,

Paige Canada
11/08/2012 5:34pm

Niall you are perfect. Niall I have got in so much trouble sticking up for you. But it didn't matter in the end because I convinced the people who insulted you that you are PhanomaNiall. I was going to write a long letter about how awesome and amazayn you are,but then I thought that if you read this you would get bored so I will sum it up. Niall James Horan you are fucking perfect!!

Izzabelle M.
11/12/2012 7:30am

na, "perfect is boring" and i think we agree that Niall is quite the opposite, right? well...Niall....we love you so much!

11/15/2012 2:28pm

Dear Niall,

You are a hero to me, a role model to me, and you are amazing just the way you are! I love the way you laugh, and the way you smile. I love your eyes, I love your hair, and your voice, oh, your voice, whenever I hear that beautiful sound of music my heart melts! You are the most amazing person to ever walk this entire universe. If I get to meet you, I want to hug you, and thank you for being you. Thank you for giving people courage, and I'm so thankful that you are Niall Horan.

11/15/2012 2:33pm

Niall, just stay the same exact way you are.

Love, your number one fan


Janet Sahin
11/24/2012 3:14pm

Dear Niall,
you being in the band is a gift from god!
Without you one direction would be incomplete.
I am so happy that you are in the band.
Your voice gives me chills , your eyes are magnificent
and your smile is so wonderful and makes me smile aswell!
I hope you will see this all ♥
Never change just because some blind bastards can't see true beauty.( i hope i am expressing myself right :D my english isn't
that good)
Well , thats all ...

Love,Janet ♥

01/14/2013 9:27am

Niall I love you. We all do! Your amazing and cute and have a great voice. You stand out cause your unique the only one in the band with gorgeous blonde hair and an irish accent we love you so don't change yourself.
Stay beautiful!

01/17/2013 8:16pm



01/26/2013 7:41pm

Smile eyes hair accent voice food obsession teeth laugh everything

Skylar Horan (Niall's wife)
01/26/2013 7:53pm

Your the sweetest guy I've ever known and you are beautiful and just in case you don't know listen to these words"you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me over whelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know your beautiful but that's what makes you beautiful!". Also your smile , braces,accent, voice, everything. And listen to this cutie " I just wanna show you off to all of my friends making them drool down their chinny chin chins baby be mine tonight mine tonight baby be mine tonight yeah

02/26/2013 12:18pm

Niall,you are cute and funny. Everyone loves you and you should always know that. Other people just like to put you down because of jealousy. You are(and always will be) the most adorable. And last but not least,my favorite.

02/26/2013 12:22pm

Many people put you down. They laugh,call you ugly,and say you should not be in 1D, but honestly,if you weren't there,I would die. I love you so much niall, and I hope you know that everyone else does too. Your food obsession make sme giggle every time I hear about it. Your eyes enchant me every time I look at my screen saver. There is no reason for somebody as great as you to feel insecure.

02/26/2013 1:31pm

Niall sweetheart don't cry no more because we all cry with you I remember when I was called ugly in kindergarten ....I stil,l to this day have a huge insecurity and every time somebody tells me I'm beautiful idk why but it brings me to that day and I say I'm not beautiful...I haunts me! But gosh dang it Niall you are so adorable!!! Who cares what those stupid people say they are just As ugly as they THINK u are(but ur not!!!!!!!!) you are an amazing singer and one direction was about the only thing that brought me to life so screw them!! Sorry about those rude people ur amazing just remember that and when u get upset remember wmyb!!! Because ur very handsome!! 😜

02/26/2013 1:59pm

And I llloooovvvveeeee ur eyes and hair :)

02/27/2013 4:35am

Niall, you are my favorite. The one I will always love. Your smile sends shudders down my spine. Your eyes enchant me. Your hair is beautiful no matter what color or style it is. You have the voice of an angel. Your food obsession makes me giggle when my friends talk about it. Your accent lures me deeper into all f your songs. I love you with all my heart niall. Don't ever think that you are ugly or not worth being in 1D. Without you,I would die and 1D wouldn't be the same. Anyone who puts you down is just jealous. We all love you niall. Don't ever forget that.

04/08/2013 8:46am

Dearest Niall James Horan,
Please dont let people tell you your not worth 1D because you are. Your perfect to millions of girls around this planet, dont believe the few that say your not! Niall, we love you and you have to believe us when we tell you your perfect! Please know that we love you and that there wouldnt be a 1D without you!

04/08/2013 6:08pm

Niall,my dearest sweet Irish boy. Yu are an amazing guy and I love you with all my heart. Your eyes👀,your love of food🍟,and your beautiful beautiful hair!!! You must be amazing for those "directioners" to want to ruin Greg's wedding for you. (I AM SOOOOO SORRY ON THE DIRECTIONERS BEHALF FOR THAT BY THE WAY!!😩😥😭😔😌) LOVE YOU NIALLER!!!

Aiden M.
04/08/2013 6:18pm

Niall, you are so kind, sweet , caring, and know how to treat a girl right. There needs to be more guys like you out in this world. We all have insecurities, even you, and you remind us that everyone in one direction are just regular guys, and you have feelings too. I have Irish heritage, which gave me red hair. Sometimes, I wish that red hair would go away. Because of this, I really don't like it when people call me a ginger because I have freckled too. You shouldn't listen to anyone that will bring you down. Love you Nialler!💋❤xoxo

Lisa Hyde
07/06/2013 10:18am

Dearest Niall,
Hello Irish sweetheart. Your beautiful. Cute. Amazing. Funny. Caring. Sweet. Can't forget a perfectionist at singing! I love you so much. You and 1D have truly changed my life. I used to be super duper insecure about myself but with all your and the guys songs about how all girls are perfect it makes me more confident. I loved it when you wore Polos all the time- I love them too! I always thought our teeth before you straightened them were absolutely ADORABLE! And your Irish! Who doesn't love an Irish guy? I certainly love you! When I first heard that you had a lot of hate I was really upset. All my friends who liked 1D hated you and them made fun of me for being in love with you. You always say you love us fans and it makes me happy to know that you love me even though you don't know me. 1D always thanks us fans but I want to thank YOU. Thank you so much for all the songs. All the laughs. Your wonderful Niall James Horan. Your perfect. I don't know how anyone could think you weren't. 1D fans- we all love you. Me- I love you.

07/21/2013 6:44pm

My sweetheart Niall, I love you with all my heart. We have a lot in common. I love your music, your music helps me get through all the tough times in my house, and trust me there is a lot. I was wondering if you could e-mail me, because I would love to share my story with you. You are a beautiful man. Remember, don't let anyone tell you that your are not good enough because you are good enough for anything. Your sweet, extremely cute, and you know how to treat people. I love you.
Thank you lots <3 Emma
p.s my e-mail is emmabawesome@hotmail.com

07/21/2013 7:16pm

Niall, you are my one and only true love, it would make my year if I get to talk to you personally. I need something good to happen for once. Please :'(

03/18/2014 1:49am

Dear Niall, you are amazingly talented and those girls are jealous of you.Go out there and live your life the way you want it no matter who is watching and critising you,think about all of the real directioners.We all love you Niall, even if you do something stupid we are on your side.You may not be perfect no one is,we all have flaws.The only person who can judge us is ourselves.So every time someone critises you think about us,the fans,your family and your friends the rest of 1D and how much we love you.

03/30/2014 9:59am

Dear Niall,
Let's just start with the obvious. You are perfect in every way possible! Anyone who doesn't see that is stupid! There are so many things that I could say I love about you. Your voice, your looks, your accent, your personality, etc. The list could go on and on! You have apsolutely no reason to feel insecure! Anyone who sends you hate must be blind and deaf to not realize how perfect you are! They're just jealous and are not true directioners! Even my sister loves you and she's not really a kind of girl who gets obsessed with boys! Don't listen to those haters! You have honestly saved my life sometimes without even knowing it. And and others girls can say the same. We love you and please don't forget that!
-Viva <3

06/18/2014 6:06pm

Don't listen to the people giving you hate, they aren't worth listening to, I know you have probably heard this a million times but you are perfect the way you are. You are YOU that is all that matters, and there are so many people, your real fans, who care about you. We like you for you, we love your laugh, your accent, your eyes, your personality, and especially your voice. There is so much more I could add to that list that you wouldn't even want to read it all. Those who don't see this are jerks who are just jealous and take pride in knowing they can make people feel worse then them, don't listen to those people, listen to the people who aren't just trying to harm another's feelings, but to encourage them to keep doing what they are doing because in the end it will get better you just have to have hope. We are here for you and won't let you forget it, trust us, when you have times where it gets worse we will be there to back us up, you have us, you have the boys, you have so many people who care about you in this world that I can't even imagine to try and name all of them. And think of it this way for everyone who sends you hate there is over 10 fans waiting to back you up. You are perfect. There is nothing more to it. I know it may be hard to believe me, a 14 year old, but I've had hate too, actually I am pretty bad at the whole social life things... my parents don't believe in social media, the only I have is my deviantart where I post my art, I have friends, but besides a few close ones they seem strictly school, we will talk and plan to hang out but every bonfire every birthday party that gets talked about through the school guess the one person who doesn't invited, that would be me. I usually have no idea what they are talking about half of ten time due to the social media thing and what not, but it has helped me find that though my real friends are limited they are always there to help me up when I fall, that and my art, it is my inspiration my way to get through the tough times. Use the inspiration you have, use your voice, you will make it through hard times, trust me though there is nearly always going to be tears shed, it is easier to let out your feelings then to bottle them all up. You will make it through the hate Niall I know it, I know it won't be easy for you, but without you there is no One Direction and think what the world would be without you guys? Your messages you have sent through your songs mean more to us, we know the lyrics by heart and know the meaning behind them, you can be sure they have helped save people in rough times, I know that once I became a fan I became much happier and life became all around easier to deal with school, my social life, everything. Without you Niall the world would be a scary place, you are so carefree, so great you have helped me learn to only care what I think of myself not what others think, you are perfect. I know that is about the 4th time I have said it, but it is the truth like it or not. We care Niall, about YOU, you are amazing, you are fabulous, you are one of the best things that have happened to my life. Finding 1D, your music, your voice, has brought me so far, it has brought me through hard times, artist blocks, and so much more. So enjoy life Niall, live while your young, and be your carefree self, don't let the hate get you down, don't do what the haters want you do, show them who you are by doing the opposite, live to your standards and do your best! The haters may be able to hate, but will they ever do as much as you in their lives? No. Will they ever have a voice as great as yours? No. Think about this, please.

Thanks so much,

Rose Ayres
02/28/2015 6:53am

Dear Niall,
Is it weird that when I see your name I drop everything to think about you.And it's not just simple combination of letters that do it to me. It's you, its your beautiful blue eyes, your laugh, your smile,(from crooked teeth Niall to now)your hair, your appetite,your accent, the fact that you swear to much, the clothes you wear, your voice.
Maybe it's not healthy that five letters can bring so much in me, especially when I think about the fact that you'll never know me and even if you did you'd never love me back.But I don't care, Niall James Horan you are my world, my everything.
Love, Rose Ayres xxxx

Krystan Lee Hamman &lt;3
04/17/2015 4:23pm

I'm seriouswhen i say that Niall is an Angel. Niall, you have saved lives. With just your voice you give Directioners purpose! You is my inspiration to follow me dreams, no matter how big. <3 Everything about you is perfect,Niall, even before you changed it for the so called "Directioners". I don't care if its too late for this to be put in the book, i just want everyone to know this.
-With love, Krystan (4/17/2015)


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